Question: Is it true that every 14 minutes someone finds love on eharmony?

No one can connect you with high quality singles like eharmony. Thats why every 14 minutes someone finds love on eharmony.

How often do you get new matches on eHarmony?

Many users have asked us over the years to get more matches per day. Now you get all your matches on day one. With this feature, you wont get more matches unless new people join that fit your preferences. But you can configure your search settings to see more or less matches.

Can love be found at any age?

Finding love can seem impossible, as if were up against an unbeatable clock. But true love is out there and is attainable at any age or stage of our lives. As someone who didnt meet and marry my soulmate until I was 44, I learned a lot along the way about what does and doesnt work in the world of love and romance.

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