Question: Where to go for a one night stand in Gdansk?

What is there to do in Gdansk at night?

What to do in Gdansk at night ?Gdansk Restaurants. Gdansk has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, depending on what you want to eat. Bars in Gdansk. Relish your Vodka. Taste Your Beer. Gdansk Clubs. Sopot Nightlife. Sopot Clubs. Party in Gdansk - Vodka Tasting, Beer Tasting or amazing Hen Party Gdańsk.More items

How many days should I stay in Gdansk?

So Ive had the pleasure of exploring the city several times, both in winter and spring/summer. You can zip through the city in just one day, however, I recommend spending two days in Gdansk to truly get to explore and enjoy the city without feeling rushed.

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