Question: Are there any good apps for BlackBerry 10?

TuneIn (Free) TuneIn gives you access to your favorite radio stations from your BlackBerry 10 device. You can also browse talk radio, sports and news stations. The app will also continue to stream songs when minimized to an Active Frame, so you can keep checking email and surfing the Web while jamming out.

What apps does BlackBerry support?

Apps for BlackBerry 10BBM for BB10. BlackBerry Content Transfer. BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC.BlackBerry Calendar. BlackBerry Calendar. × Contacts by BlackBerry. Contacts by BlackBerry. × BlackBerry Hub. BlackBerry Hub. × Notes by BlackBerry. Notes by BlackBerry. × Tasks by BlackBerry. Tasks by BlackBerry. ×

How do I download Android apps to my BlackBerry 10?

How to load Android APK applications on the BlackBerry 10 Swipe from the top and tap on Settings, or locate the Settings application and open it.Tap on App Manager.Tap on Installing Apps.Enable the Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed setting.More items

Is BlackBerry 10 an Android?

BlackBerry 10 is a proprietary QNX-based operating system. In addition to native core system apps and services, BlackBerry 10 includes the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps, which consists of the open-sourced Android application framework running on top of the QNX microkernel.

Do Android apps work on BlackBerry?

2 update for the BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry has introduced a new feature to support Android apps by converting them from a . apk file to a . A user with a BlackBerry 10 device running OS version 10.2 or later can download and use an Android app converted in this way.

Which phone does Elon Musk use?

Thought the Tesla CEO has never openly admitted to using any particular brand of phone, he has often mentioned the iPhone or iPad on several occasions during his interviews. From this one can gather that he is in fact a fan of the iPhone, whichever version that may be.

Is Bill Gates owner of Apple?

The Gates trust owned 1 million Apple shares at the end of 2020, but by March 31, it had sold them. Apple stock has been underperforming the market.

Does anybody still use BlackBerry?

BlackBerry owners had known it was coming for six months. TCL, which had been making Android phones under the BlackBerry name since 2017, was out, “no longer selling BlackBerry-branded mobile devices”.

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