Question: What does it mean when you dream of someone youve never met before?

A Dream About Someone Youve Never Met Breus, its likely because we recently saw them or were reminded of them. So, if you recently had a dream about Liam Neeson, it might not be because hes your soulmate, it might be because you watched one of his movies last week and forgot about it.

Can you dream of someone youve never met before?

But have you ever had a dream with a person in it whom you have never seen before in your life? It may seem that way, but it is impossible. Even those whom you do not consciously notice but still look at as you pass by may be an implanted image in your brain and show up later when you are dreaming.

What does it mean if you dream about someone youve never seen before?

That being said, when you dream of a person you havent seen in forever, or a person you dont deal with on a daily basis, or someone who doesnt even actually exist, they will represent a part of your personality.

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