Question: Are Positive Singles good?

A niche dating site for people with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, etc I say PositiveSingles is a perfect std dating site because I can talk with so many real peopel. It is just so easy to use. It has many useful features like chat group. It can offer us many chances to meet people who meet our needs and share life with.

Does positive singles actually work?

Is Positive Singles legit? Yes, it is. PositiveSingles has 17 years of experience in providing a safe space (in friendship, dating, etc,) for people living with herpes and other STDs.

Does Positive Singles cost money?

There are three subscription plans available - 3, 6, and 12-month one and they cost $19.98, $15.99, and $12 per month, respectively. You can cancel your subscription any time you want via the website. is a great online dating platform for people with STDs.

How many people are on Positive Singles?

Positive Singles is the most popular dating websites for people with STDs. Its got over 110 million members in the US and over 600 million members across the globe.

What does online Recently mean positive singles?

Positive Singles is an online dating site specifically dedicated to people living with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Positive Singles aims to do their part by creating a community where people with the same conditions can come together and find meaningful relationships.

How do I cancel positive singles?

You may cancel your subscription at any time during the subscription term by contacting us at Except for cancellations made during the Trial Period subscription fees are non-refundable. Failure to pay subscription fees will result in termination of the paid Service and/or your Account.

Can you find out who gave you an STD?

STDs often remain asymptomatic for weeks or even months at a time. So unless youve only been with one partner exclusively, theres no way of knowing how long youve had an STD, and thus, its impossible to know how you contracted it.

Can you lie about STDs?

Though STDs concealed are typically not life-threatening, its simply unethical and morally abhorrent to not disclose a positive STD status. It is important to tell your intimate partner(s) about your STD status before engaging in any sexual relations; it is merely common courtesy and respect.

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