Question: Is there such thing as no label dating?

When people talk about labels in a relationship, theyre usually referring to terms like dating, in a relationship, boyfriend and girlfriend, and the like. A relationship without labels is any arrangement between two people who are choosing not to adopt any such terms to describe their relationship.

What does it mean when a guy doesnt want a title?

Mike, 32 – I think when a guy says he doesnt like titles, it can mean he wants to keep his options open. Some people do not believe in commitment, but they want the benefits of a relationship without having to commit. Past examples of how they view love can play a factor into that.

Why do girls want a title so bad?

2) Sometimes you want the title just for the sake of your ego. Many women are obsessed with titles and we use them and status, to justify our involvement in dubious relationships with the emotionally unavailable and assclowns, often letting our ego get out of whack in the pursuit of a title.

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