Question: Is Plain White Ts married?

The Plain White Ts member married his girlfriend Jenna Reeves in front of family and friends Saturday night, his rep confirmed to E! News. The intimate ceremony was held at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. For those who dont recall, the newly married couple started their relationship in a very unique fashion.

Are Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves still together?

Theyve been married four years after starring on the short-lived reality series Ready For Love. Now Plain White Ts guitarist Tim Lopez, 38, and his wife Jenna Lopez, 30, are ready for even more love as they celebrate the birth of their second child.

Did Delilah file a restraining order?

She is indeed a real person, yes, a comely friend of Higgensons who was promised a song in her honour (smooth, that) upon their meeting years ago. That girl, Delilah, is suing him for using her name in the song and shes got a restraining order against him.

How old are the Plain White Ts?

The Plain White Ts was formed in Lombard in early 1997. The group began as a trio, with Higgenson as singer and guitarist, Fletcher on bass guitar and Tirio on drums.

Are Chris and Amber still together from Ready To Love?

Kris and Amber reveal that they are fully committed to one another and even talk about having children.

Who is still together on ready for love?

Yes, Liz and Jason are together. In fact, the pair have often shared pictures of each other on their social media.

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