Question: Who is Chris Browns management?

Who is Chris Browns current manager?

Little is known about Chris Browns manager. Very little is known about Chris Browns new manager, Anthony Wilson, let alone about his dating life.

How do I get in touch with Chris Brown?

Singer Chris Brown Contact InformationOffice Address: NA.Office Phone Number: NA.Chris Brown General Manager Phone Number: +1-818-661-7050.Chris Brown Booking Agent Phone Number: NA.Manager Email: (Manager), (General Manager)More items •15 Sep 2019

Is Ammika and Chris Brown still together?

They reportedly split last July after he unfollowed her on Instagram. But Chris Brown proved he and former flame Ammika Harris are the friendliest of exes as they headed on a night out together in Mykonos on Sunday. Chris welcomed his son Aeko Catori Brown in November 2019 with on-again off-again partner Harris.

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