Question: Who is slasher killer?

The Executioner is the main antagonist of the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed as a masked figure wearing a medieval-style outfit (leather hood, black robe) identical to one worn by the killer of Sarah Bennetts parents, Tom Winston.

Why is Cam the executioner?

He did this after Alan found out that Cam was the Executioner in order to keep his secret safe. His mother, Suzanne Henry, was also killed by his hands, however it was when Cam was a child, before the Executioner.

What are the punishments for each sin?

7 Deadly Sins - colours and punishmentABEnvy punishmentput in freezing waterGluttony punishmentforce fed rats, toads and snakesLust punishmentsmothered in fire and brimstoneWrath punishmentdismembered alive10 more rows

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