Question: When did the first series of Celebs Go Dating start?

How long ago was Celebs Go Dating filmed?

Celebs Go Dating was filmed late last year, beginning late November. Celebs Chloe Ferry, Curtis Pritchard, Karim Zeroual, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Sophie Hermann, Tom Zanetti, and Wayne Lineker all lived in the mansion for four weeks alongside their daters.

When did Celebs Go Dating start filming 2021?

The 2021 series was filmed back in November, E4 has confirmed. Those staying at the mansion formed a bubble, with strict Covid-19 protocols and industry guidelines in place.

Whos still together in celebs go dating 2021?

Which Celebs Go Dating couples are still together?Kimberly Hart-Simpson and Shane - SPLIT. Tom Zanett and Sophie Hermann - TOGETHER. Chloe Ferry and Kieran - SPLIT. Curtis Pritchard and Daniella - SPLIT. Karim Zeroual and Whitney - SPLIT. Wayne Lineker and Billie Jean - SPLIT. Joey Essex and Shannon - SPLIT.May 8, 2021

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