Question: What do you call a Hannah Montana fan?

What do you call Hannah Montana fans?

Miley Cyrus fandom are called Smilers. [ RCA]

What are Miley fans called?

Smilers Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley Cyruss stage name was derived from the Smiley nickname her Mum and Dad gave her as she often beamed as a kid. It seemed only natural then to give her fans the affectionate name Smilers.

What is a fandom name?

Many fandoms in popular culture have their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities. These names are popular with singers, music bands, films, television shows, books, games, sports teams, and celebrities. Some of the terms are coined by fans while others are created by celebrities themselves.

Is Hannah Montana a real singer?

Miley Cyrus is a pop singer and actress. She also gained fame as singer under the name Hannah Montana and, later, Miley Cyrus.

Who is Miley Cyruss mom?

Tish Cyrus Miley Cyrus/Mothers Miley Cyrus worked with her mom, Tish, on her cool Los Angeles home. This Mothers Day, Miley Cyrus has an extra reason to be thankful for her mom. In a new feature on, the 28-year-old singer showed off her cool Los Angeles home that was lovingly designed by Tish Cyrus—her mom and manager of 16 years.

How tall is Charlie Puth?

1.77 m Charlie Puth/Height

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