Question: What does DL mean on Grindr?

“DL,” short for “down-low” is a term most people in the gay community are familiar with. It can mean anything from a curious guy down to experiment, to a gay man that does not want to come out yet. They tend to have strict parameters for how they want to have sex with you.

What does give me the lowdown mean?

: important information or facts about something He gave me the lowdown about the companys vice president.

What does dl mean in Swedish?

Well, dl stands for decilitre. One decilitre, as the name duly indicates, is equivalent to one tenth of a litre, or one hundred millilitres, ml.

Which is bigger 1 liter or Centiliter?

Hectoliter (hl) is a bigger unit, and centiliter (cl) is a smaller unit as compared to liter. First, we will convert hectoliters to liters, and then the resulting amount in liters will be converted into centiliters (cl). Hence, 80 hectoliters are equal to 800,000 centiliters.

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