Question: How do you meet people in Canberra?

Where to meet new people Canberra?

Canberra has many meetup groups: Best of Canberra, Canberra Walking group, Sisterhood ACT, Canberra Ladies, Womens Adventure group, Canberra Breakfast Club, and Camping Canberra, to name a few. Meetup groups are open to everyone. Go to and find a group that suits you.

What is there to do on a Sunday in Canberra?

Here is our list of the top 10 activities to make the most of your weekend in Canberra!Visit Bungendore. Images via Bungendore Fine Arts Gallery | The Gathering | Flickr. Visit Wineries. Old Bus Depot Markets.Visit a National Attraction. New Actons Cellar Doors. Boutique Shopping in Braddon. GoBoat. Escape Rooms.More items

What is there to do indoors in Canberra?

Check out our top picks of exciting things to do in Canberra indoors.Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports. Visit the Australian War Memorial. See the National Portrait Gallery. Go on a Canberra Secrets Highlights Tour. Sundays at The Old Bus Depot Markets. Stroll through the Australian National Botanic Gardens.More items

What is there to do in Canberra on a cold day?

Australian War Memorial. 10,113. History Museums. National Gallery of Australia. 3,333. Art Museums. Australian Parliament House. 3,812. Royal Australian Mint. 1,538. Questacon. 3,064. Museum of Australian Democracy. 1,276. National Museum of Australia. 2,013. National Portrait Gallery. 1,801.More items

Where can I go on a hot day in Canberra?

9 best things to do in Canberra this summerStroll through the National Arboretum Canberra. Dine outdoors at COOP at Soho. Browse through Braddon. Meander out to Murrumbateman for wine tasting. Find a hidden swim spot. Get up to get down at Canberras best rooftop bar. Stand up for Lake Burley Griffin.More items •Nov 29, 2019

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