Question: What is BTS most hated country?

Do BTS like Philippines?

MANILA — The members of South Korean pop group BTS thanked their Filipino fans for their continued support, saying they would like to return to the Philippines to hear the cheers of ARMYs. Philippines cant be left out for Southeast Asia tour. [Filipino] food is also delicious, said J-Hope.

What is Blackpinks favorite country?

Blackpink Most Favourite Country - FAQsRankingCountry1United States2Thailand3Philippines4Japan6 more rows•5 Apr 2021

What is Vs favorite animal?

However, fans are wondering what is Vs favorite animal, even though some think they know the answer. According to Fanpop and a few fans on Quora, Vs favorite animal is a lion.

Does BTS want to marry an army?

BTS boys have often got marriage proposals from girls in the ARMY. This is how coolly V and Suga responded to the requests from crazy gals. Funnily, RM and Jimin have told guys that they need to meet their folks if they wish to marry them and get an approval.

Does BTS hate Blackpink?

Despite all the comparisons between the two K-pop groups, several individuals from different online forum platforms, like Quora, shared that BTS and BLACKPINK do not hate each other. The same is also said to be true for their respective fandoms, the ARMY, and Blinks.

What is Lisas favorite country?

Her favorite place in Thailand is Siam and her favorite place in Japan is Harajuku. Her favorite time as a trainee was choreographing dances with the other members.

What is BTS V favorite anime?

Members who are fans: Jungkook and V especially! Like Attack on Titan, all of BTS seems to be in love with the volleyball anime, Haikyuu!!, but it seems Jungkook along with Taehyung are the major Otaku fans in the band.

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