Question: Are artists good lovers?

Why are artists hard to date?

In his experience, the most difficult part of dating an artist is the artists “schedules and emotional level.” According to Jake, “its a nonstop carnival ride” and “a very passionate love affair at first but at the same time we need to be understood and loved in our deepest of silences.”

Are artists good in bed?

While they may not be for everyone when it comes to dating (theyre a bit of a handful), the creative set typically has one thing in common. Theyre amazing in bed (yeah, we said it). One thing all artists and creative souls have in common is an insatiable passion – and a desire to express that passion.

What its like to love an artist?

Committed artists love warmly — sometimes gently, sometimes wildly, but always fervently. They hug you tight and hold you close. Theyre attentive and deliberate. Intense adoration comes naturally to them because they dont know how to be any other way.

How do I find art I like?

6 Non-Traditional Ways to Find New Art & Artists Youre Sure to Make Pinterest your own personal art curator. Sign up for artist newsletters. Peruse local art fairs and art walks. Browse through DIY and home decorating blogs. Visit a local, independent coffee house. Drop in at nearby college art shows.More items •17 Mar 2015

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