Question: Do you run into problems with an INFJ?

However, INFJs also run into a whole slew of problems, often directly related to that deep empathy and concern. These issues arent exclusive to INFJs — meaning, other types may experience something similar — but they are extremely common and frequent for this rare personality.

Do INFJs run away from their problems?

INFJs simply struggle to handle some of their personal problems, finding it easier to focus on others. ENFJs dont like to run away from their problems, instead they want to just face what is happening. ENFJs can sometimes neglect their own emotional problems though, and have a hard time really dealing with them.

What are INFJs bad at?

Unhealthy INFJs are chronic people-pleasers who never want to disappoint. 7. They become so involved with other peoples problems that they cant focus on their own. Likewise, they become so bogged down with other peoples emotions that their day is often ruined because someone else is having a bad day.

What does an unhealthy INFJ look like?

Unhealthy INFJs have a hard time not taking everything personally. They view any form of criticism as a personal attack and can quickly create a “me versus the world” scenario in their mind. They “door slam” too easily, and they may take on the role of “misunderstood misfit” as a way of coping with their isolation.

What happens when an INFJ is stressed?

INFJ personality types tend to be stressed and drained by INFJs tend to be especially drained by conflict with others. Theyre likely to avoid tension as much as they can, which may lead them to withhold information due to a fear of causing conflict.

How do you calm down an Infj?

11 Ways INFJs RelaxListen to music. Music is a great escape. Play an instrument. Like all NFs (ENFJs, ENFPs, INFJs, and INFPs), INFJs enjoy learning to play instruments. Head outside. Talk about something interesting. Create. Rearrange your environment. Learn. Study people.More items •30 Sep 2018

What should Infj not do?

Here are 7 things you should definitely avoid saying to an INFJ.“Calm down!” “Youre just not trying hard enough.” “Im fine.” — when you know you arent. “No one will ever understand you.” “Youre doing too much.” “You make it difficult to love you.” “Youre so boring.25 Sep 2017

How do you annoy an Infj?

The Top 5 Ways To Annoy An INFJDismissing our feelings and opinions. There is nothing worse for an INFJ than when our opinions and feelings are discarded. Making false assumptions about us. Picking on someone who is defenceless. Not allowing us time to think. Trying to manipulate us.

What Infj hate the most?

If youre an INFJ, you absolutely hate the following things.Lack of authenticity. One of the most interesting things about INFJs is that they can read people like books. Small talk. Criticism. Conflict. Being vulnerable. Attention. People in their space.29 May 2018

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