Question: What happened to Tracy and Corey?

Eventually, DiMarco got her happily ever after when she married Corey Epstein in her dream wedding. But, today, in an Instagram post, Tracy confirmed what many had believed for a while: she and Corey were separated.

Who owns the Gatsby salon?

owner Gayle Giacomo Gatsby Salons owner Gayle Giacomo studied under her husband, well-known stylist Danny Gianfrancesco. She now runs the highly successful Green Brook salon, which is featured on The Style Network series Jerseylicious.

Where is Gigi from jerseylicious now?

2017. Seven years later, Gigi is still very much living the salon life. She dedicates her Instagram account to all of the cuts and colors she does. She also has a website, Gigilicious where she sells headbands and clip-in extensions.

Who did Alexa from jerseylicious married?

Danny Zieglerm. 2011 Alexa Prisco/Spouse

Where is Alexa from jerseylicious now?

2016. Now running her own company called The Glam Fairy, Alexa and her team specialize in hair and makeup artistry. She gave birth to her first child in 2012 and even had her own spinoff show called The Glam Fairy from 2011 to 2012.

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