Question: How do Nigerian women flirt?

How do you flirt with a lady?

How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text or In PersonHow to flirt with a girl 101.Ditch the cheesy lines. Think hard about what you like about her. Let her set the pace. Use your sense of humor. Subtly ask if shes seeing someone. Ask about movies or something to set you up for a date.More items •30 Nov 2018

How do I ask a girl out in Nigeria?

How To Ask A Girl Out Nigerian StyleCall her “Rasheedah”. Well, just because you can.Call her “Baby” or “Angel”. Awww! Hit her up on Whatsapp. Tell her you like her future. Call her diamond princess. Come out straight and say you love her on the spot. Or you could be indirect and subtle. Ask to be her friend.More items

What do you say to a girl you just met?

Say something simple like, “Hi, Im Bob” so she knows who you are. Shell most likely tell you her name, too. If youre at a party or a group gathering, introduce yourself with how you know the host. For instance, you might say, “Hi, Im Samantha.

How should I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

Wording SuggestionsWill you be my girlfriend?Youre the only girl I want. I like you very much, and Id like you to be my girlfriend. I know you, and I would make a great couple. You will make me the happiest person in the world if you say yes to being my girlfriend.More items

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