Question: Who is dating in One Direction?

Liam is engaged to Maya Henry who he has been dating since 2019. The 27-year-old asked his fiancée to marry him back in September 2020 with a ring reportedly worth £3 million, which left our jaws on the floor and even more jealous of Maya than before.

Who is Niall One Direction dating?

Amelia Woolleys Niall Horan And Amelia Woolleys Relationship Timeline Niall Horan, 27, sent One Direction fans into meltdown when it was revealed he has a new girlfriend, Amelia Woolley, 23. The couple are thought to have begun a relationship in 2020, but Directioners are keen to know more about their love story.

Who is Louis from One Direction dating 2020?

Eleanor Calder Louis Tomlinson And Girlfriend Eleanor Calder: Their Complete Relationship Timeline. Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder have been together for three years – heres everything we know about their relationship.

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