Question: What are some good German phrases?

What are some cool German words?

10 beautiful and memorable German wordsSehnsucht. Amid different definitions, which vary from yearning, desire and/or craving, Sehnsucht is a feeling of longing for something unknown and indefinite. Weltschmerz. Torschlusspanik. Fernweh. Zweisamkeit. Backpfeifengesicht. Feierabend. Reisefieber.More items •Feb 9, 2021

How do you flirt in German phrases?

Every country has its own unique way of flirting. In some countries, its more straightforward while in other countries its subtle .16 TOP PHRASES USED WHEN FLIRTING IN GERMAN.GermanEnglishDu siehst einfach umwerfend aus!You simply look stunningIch möchte immer bei dir sein!I want to be with you forever!14 more rows•Jan 7, 2021

What is a German motto?

Definition of Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit : unity and justice and freedom —unofficial motto of Germany.

What animal represents Germany?

Federal Eagle National animalsCountryName of animalScientific name (Latin name)FranceGallic roosterGallus gallus domesticusGermanyFederal Eagle (national coat of arms)MythicalGuatemalaQuetzalPharomachrus mocinnoGuyanaJaguarPanthera onca135 more rows

What is Stanfords motto?

Die Luft der Freiheit weht The wind of freedom blows Stanford University/Motto Every so often, Stanford wonders how it came by the German motto Die Luft der Freiheit weht.1 The basic outlines of the story are by now well established, including the fact that the German motto is actually the German translation of a Latin text.

What are some German sayings?

10 common German phrases: the basicsHallo (Hello)Tschüss (Bye)Bitte (Please)Danke (Thanks)Entschuldigung (Excuse me)Sorry (Sorry)Formal: Können Sie mir helfen?; informal: Kannst du mir helfen? (Can you help me?)Formal: Sprechen Sie English?; informal: In Sprichst du Englisch? (Do you speak English?)More items •Mar 12, 2020

Is it rude to stare in Germany?

Of course staring is considered rude in Germany. This is a biological rule. Even with animals, fixating a counterpart is the way to start a fight. What may differ between cultures is the point when looking at someone (or just in a direction) is regarded as staring.

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