Question: Can you find someone on Kik by phone number?

Tap Find People. Tap Find by Username if you know the Kik username. Tap Find by Phone Contacts to chat with an address book contact.

Does Kik work with phone number?

With only a username as an ID, Kik lets you exchange messages, photos, videos, sketches, stickers, mobile webpages, emoji, and other content with others on the platform. They cant see your email address, phone number, or birthday, though within a Kik group, everyone can see your username.

Can you trace a Kik account?

Kik and similar applications like Whatsapp allow users to send secure messages over the internet. Kik does not track the content of messages or the phone numbers of users, making it difficult for police to find identifying information in child pornography cases.

Where can I find Kik contacts?

One way to find new friends is to use the built-in “Explore Public Groups” feature. This feature should appear at the bottom of your friends list when youre in the Kik app. Tap on the # (hashtag) and that will open a search page where you can look for whatever topics youre interested in.

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