Question: What is a good weekend getaway for couples in Georgia?

What is a quick getaway?

countable noun [usually singular, oft NOUN noun] If someone makes a getaway, they leave a place quickly, especially after committing a crime or when trying to avoid someone.

What is a good weekend getaway?

20 best NSW long weekend escapes1/20. Boomerang Beach. Known for its top notch surfing, Boomerang beach is just three and a half hours north of Sydney, and one and a half south of Port Macquarie. 2/20. Byron Bay. 3/20. Wolgan Valley. 4/20. Forster. 5/20. Garie Beach. 6/20. Kangaroo Valley. 7/20. Oberon. 8/20. Blackheath.More items

Where can I go for a short break?

Top 10 Best City Breaks 2021Marrakech.Belfast.Dubai.Paris.Barcelona.Amsterdam.Rome.Prague.More items

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