Question: What is a blind date with a book?

“Blind Date with a Book is a hand wrapped book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres that is tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the book inside. This curated collection includes everything from mystery, romance, classics, horror, adventure, science fiction to young adult.

How does blind date with a book work?

A perfect premise for Valentines Day, the set-up for the display is simple: just wrap books in paper to hide their covers — hence the blind date — and decorate the wrapping with enticing facts, hints about the plotline, or our favorite, the books first lines.

How does a book drop work?

After we give you a quote for your books and you drop them off in one of our bins, we will send you a payment form where you can enter your Venmo or PayPal information. We will pay you within 1 business day of dropping off your books!

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