Question: Are any Beauty and the Geek contestants still together?

As a result there were plenty of fans who hoped the couple might be able to overcome long distance (with George in Melbourne and Josie in Sydney). However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together.

Who left Beauty and the Geek Australia?

TeamsTeamStatusThe BeautyThe GeekEmma Caminiti, 21 NSW (Miss Congeniality)Jeremy Reading, 24 ACT (Chess Champion)WinnerLisa McMahon, 21 SA (Aspiring Actress)Corin Storkey, 28 VIC (Synthetic Organic Chemist)Runner-upMichelle Smith, 18 QLD (Meter Maid)Peter Scott, 28 WA (Fungal Scientist)Eliminated in episode 85 more rows

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