Question: Who does Emily end up with in Revenge?

5 Deserved Better: Jack Porter In spite of everything he lived during the four seasons, Jack married Emily in the last episode, closing their story with a happy ending.

Who does Emily Love on revenge?

Does Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke) atually still love Daniel Grayson, who was just a part of her plan before? Quote: Kimscharms55 wrote: Quote: She never truly loved him especially when she saw the actual footage of Daniels betrayal.

Who is the father of Amanda Clarke baby?

Amanda awakens from her coma and Emily decides to tell her that Jack really is the biological father of their child, Carl.

Does Jack ever find out who the real Amanda is?

Jack is one of the two men Emily has genuine feelings for, the other being Aiden, and Jack holds feelings for Emily in return. In the season 2 finale, Truth, Part 2, he finds out Emilys real identity not long after his brother dies.

What happens to Daniel revenge?

Daniel was shot and killed by Katherine Black, while trying to protect his ex-wife, Emily.

What happens to Emily in revenge?

Emily was desperate to end her revenge and Victoria seemed to have nothing to lose. David shot Victoria to prevent Emily from becoming a murderer, but as expected, the Grayson matriarch fought to the last breath, shooting Emily before she died.

What happens to Ben in revenge?

White Gold is an assassin that Margaux LeMarchal hired to kill Amanda Clarke. In Plea, she kills Ben Hunter by stabbing him in the neck.

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